About Us

The ESPERANZA HUMURA is established in 2017 in order to create a space where members that wished to provide assistance to vulnerable families, with marginalized groups like those having mothers in detention, could share experience and best practices for providing to them knowledge about preventing communicable diseases that prevail in tropical and subtropical conditions where our country Rwanda is located. Targeted population is families living in extreme poverty, without adequate sanitation and in close contact with infectious vectors and domestic animals and livestock are those worst affected. We offer to them a legal, psychological assistance, and capacity building. Through a commitment and close collaborative of 12 experienced members, ESPERANZA HUMURA was born.

Our first prioritized project is a baseline survey and needs analysis, which has to be conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health, justice and RCS. The survey must identify the challenges faced by indigent and vulnerable families like those having mothers in detention, in accessing health services especially prevention of communicable diseases, and legal services. The findings of this survey will provide guidance to the elaboration of a three-year strategy plan of ESPERANZA HUMURA, which will be more focused on improving the quality and accessibility of those services to all.

Actually, ESPERANZA HUMURA is now registered by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) as a Non-Governmental Organization and a fully independent entity. It is now composed of 12 experienced members who will, in partnership with other actors, provide or support health services, legal and psychological assistance to the indigent and vulnerable families living with poverty in Rwanda.

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