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Preparation of Woman’s Day

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Dialogues on socio psychology relief towards contribution for socio-economic development activities (Nyamagabe March 2018)

(Photo4) Nyamagabe District 5th March 2018), during the Preparation of Woman s Day, Esperanza Humura conveyed dialogues on how to help this category to come out their agony and act towards contributing for  social economic development activities of the country.

During this event, the team led by Esperanza Humura’s legal representative took a great time to share via open dialogues on self-relief, and reintegration and contribution of detainees’ women in social economic developmental activities particularly when these ones return to their homes as time to show up and practice what they had leant among others; starts up /small projects, languages, sanitation, etc…

esperanzaPreparation of Woman’s Day

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